<strong>Energy To Explore</strong>

Energy To Explore


Collection on OpenSea: 0x2BeA7B47E85E3bb72BAc66F1e96B4f2FF509541e

Contract Minted Out: Etherscan

Token Supply: 999 (ERC-721 tokens)

The Story

Hot gases of the Sun spark the Energy to Explore. Decorations specify the pattern within the borders of the known, of the explored. Light and shadows are complimentary. Art brings a different insight and pop culture spreads it in digital form.

<strong>Media Content</strong>

Media Content

I use the NFT Storage service to host the NFT data. The token underlying content media are my own authored artworks. Each NFT associated media content is an originally produced, and authentic creation.

The content is produced in the following way. PNG images are created as vector images in Inkscape, and if needed, edited or adjusted in Photoshop Elements. The PNG images form commonly the basis for their next procedural layering. PNG layering generation is achieved with the fantastic HashLips Art Engine.

JSON Metadata files are produced either automatically with the great tool in form of the HashLips Art Engine, manually, or as a combination of both these approaches.

<strong>Minting and Reveal</strong>

Minting and Reveal

Minting was mainly done by myself. The reasons were practical, as there were very, very low gas fees during the minting period of October 2022 (gas price of 2 to 3 Gwei). I wanted to mint my ENERGY TO EXPLORE (ETEXP) tokens, because I like the design very much and there was nearly no public interest anyway, besides two separate random public mints. I would like to emphasize, that even though my collections had rare tokens within their respective collections, I never intended to secure these pieces for myself. I minted the NFTs directly from the smart contract on Etherscan.

Very low gas fees reoccurred again in September/October 2023 (gas price of 4.5 to 8 Gwei), so I decided to almost mint out the remaining 999 tokens of the ETEXP collection. During this second minting period another two wallets minted some NFTs, which is much appreciated. Last mint transactions were performed in November 2023.

The donation collection is revealed and all 999 unique NFTs are minted.



I envision and plan for the upcoming years a long-term online presence. This long-term plan is to create creative, smart, inspiring, aesthetically pleasing, progressive, and informative content.


I value a constructive and productive approaches to the world. If one or even a “swarm” collective of people try and work on changing themselves for the better, it will have an overall positive impact on their own life, the community they live in, and on the wider world in general. I value therefore progress and self-improvement. Reciprocity is key for social cooperation. Many people helped me to get here where I am now and I would like to help others too, to get where You want to go.

I believe in the truth as much as possible, objectivity, honesty, accessibility, hard work, creativity, inventiveness, extravagance, non conventionality, teamwork, cooperation, thinking for ourselves and out of the box, in progress, boldness, exploration, originality, confidence, dreams, ideas, fun, fairness, and quality.



Non. Sorry. Honestly no guarantees. The Crypto world is full of scams.

I cannot give you any guarantees for anything. No promise of an upcoming Metaverse being built in the background. Further, no guarantees that the NFTs will go to the Moon. The NFT Collection contract can also be reviewed on De.Fi Scanner (Score: 88/100).

However, still, I can guarantee you at least a few things. I guarantee You that I will do everything I can do to be successful in what I have set out to achieve within this project. I would like to support my given promise not only with words, but also with specific actions. These specific actions are in a matter of fact all the “invisible/visible work” in the background I have already done, accomplished, and financed, as my project is not sponsored by anyone. My MOST valuable asset is TIME and I hoped to get a tiny little more of it if I received some support from others in form of mined tokens. But all is fine as is. I promise and guarantee that I LOVE what I do and I am a very determined, persistent, detailed, artistic, skillful, inventive, honest, observant, all rounded, leadership oriented, playful, bold, curious, driven, research oriented, and creative person.



Please consider my NFTs only as donations. If you want to support me, please do so only with such amounts you can really afford to donate and "loose". Please also note that I cannot guarantee anything, as I am a creator and not a real coder/programmer. I use the NFT.Storage service to host the NFT data. The deployed Solidity smart contracts were inspired and guided by the great YouTube educational tutorial series by HashLips. The token underlying content media are my own, original authored artworks, designs. Income from minting donations is planned to be reinvested into the whole non profitable ART-DECO-GRAFF-PIX-POP project.


NFT Collections



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